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This list will be updated as new characters are introduced. It’ll be kept as spoiler-free as possible.

Character Gallery

Character List

The Magistrates – The Magistrates leading the three species branches of Unity. Malong, of the dragons. Aaron Biro, of the humans. Diomis, of the nympherai.

Aaror Thomason – A member of the security team.

Aleksir Bardon – A young man who works for the Oracle.

Aldous Ranulf – Gareth’s younger brother. Owns a number of factories in the north.

Amos Nochdvor – King of the Alfheim province. Rheamarie’s father and Leandros’ uncle.

Atuos – One of Atiuh’s three Guardians. Patron of the human species.

Catalina Rosario – Roman’s mother.

Cathwright – A diplomat on the team, a dragon and a barrister.

Devikra – Also called the Oracle of Damael. A figure featuring in many Egil stories – she warns Egil of coming troubles and he does what he can to prevent them.

Dinara Connell – An up-and-coming actress among the Webhon Players.

Drys – a faerie Roman rescued from Unity prison.

Eftychia Jones – An unusual orinian under Unity’s employ. A member of the security team.

Egil – Legendary hero of countless stories. Said to have really existed, but historical accounts are few and far between. Some claim the historical Egil died leading an army against Unity.

Ellaes – One of Atiuh’s three Guardians. Patron of the nympherai species.

Eresh Ochoa – Unity Overseer for the team to Orean. A nympherai who works closely with Leandros.

Evelyne Corscia – The security team leader for the team to Orean. A full-blooded marionite with a cold presentation.

Gareth Ranulf – The brother of a Unity Representative, married to Isobel Ranulf. Gareth is a writer who visits Gallontea for Unity’s annual conference. He’s a known scholar on the subject of Egil.

Isobel Ranulf – Gareth’s wife. The daughter of a preacher and the apprentice to a physician.

Ivor – A member of the security team.

Kieran Cairn – Maebhe’s twin brother and Ide’s fiance. A detective on the Orean police force.

Leandros Nochdvor – The nephew of King Amos Nochdvor. When his uncle goes missing, Leandros leads the efforts to get him back.

Leihlani – an oanai from Home. Daughter of Mani and Apa, two chieftains of Home.

Maebhe Cairn – A young orinian visiting Gallontea on vacation.

Mercy White – An eerie orinian with glowing scars and crimson eyes.

Moira Ranulf – A Unity Representative and Gareth’s older sister.

Rheamarie Nochdvor – Princes off the Alfheim province. Leandros’ cousin– the two are close enough to be siblings.

Roman Hallisey – A young man with a mysterious past and a dislike of both Egil and Unity. Arrives in Gallontea with the Webhon Players, a performing group he’s been traveling with.

Tellaos – One of Atiuh’s three Guardians. Patron of the draconic species.

Theodosia (Thea) Fairfax – A rosanin with the ability to sense people’s intentions. Was hired by Leandros to be his bodyguard.

Trinity Jones – A diplomat on the team, trained in performing negotiations.

Wilhara – The Oracle’s handmaiden and close confidante.


Alfheim – A province located in the southwest corner of Calaidia ruled by King Amos Nochdvor. Its capital city is also called Alfheim.

Illyon – An industrial city on the Alfheim border.

Orean – An independent city-state neighboring Illyon. One of the few nations in Calaidia that doesn’t fall under Unity’s banner.

Gallontea – Unity’s capital city. It’s located on the eastern coast of Calaidia, separated from Unity Island by a single bridge.

Lyryma – A massive forest located directly south of Gallontea. The oanai and fae call this forest home, along with many other fantastical creatures.

Tellaos’ Castle – A castle at the heart of Orean believed to have belonged to Tellaos in the time of the Great War.

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