This list will be updated as new characters are introduced. It’ll be kept as spoiler-free as possible.

Character Gallery

Character List

The Magistrates – The Magistrates leading the three species branches of Unity. Malong, of the dragons. Aaron Biro, of the humans. Diomis, of the nympherai.

Aaror Thomason – A member of the security team.

Aleksir Bardon – A young man who works for the Oracle.

Amos Nochdvor – King of the Alfheim province. Rheamarie’s father and Leandros’ uncle.

Cathwright – A diplomat on the team, a dragon and a barrister.

Devikra – Also called the Oracle of Damael. A figure featuring in many Egil stories – she warns Egil of coming troubles and he does what he can to prevent them.

Dinara Connell – An up-and-coming actress among the Webhon Players.

Drys – a faerie Roman rescued from Unity prison.

Eftychia Jones – An unusual orinian under Unity’s employ. A member of the security team.

Egil – Legendary hero of countless stories. Said to have really existed, but historical accounts are few and far between. Some claim the historical Egil died leading an army against Unity.

Eresh Ochoa – Unity Overseer for the team to Orean. A nympherai who works closely with Leandros.

Evelyne Corscia – The security team leader for the team to Orean. A full-blooded marionite with a cold presentation.

Gareth Ranulf – The brother of a Unity Representative, married to Isobel Ranulf. Gareth is a writer who visits Gallontea for Unity’s annual conference. He’s a known scholar on the subject of Egil.

Ivor – A member of the security team.

Kieran Cairn – Maebhe’s twin brother and Ide’s fiance. A detective on the Orean police force.

Leandros Nochdvor – The nephew of King Amos Nochdvor. When his uncle goes missing, Leandros leads the efforts to get him back.

Maebhe Cairn – A young orinian visiting Gallontea on vacation.

Moira Ranulf – A Unity Representative and Gareth’s older sister.

Rheamarie Nochdvor – Princes off the Alfheim province. Leandros’ cousin– the two are close enough to be siblings.

Roman Hallisey – A young man with a mysterious past and a dislike of both Egil and Unity. Arrives in Gallontea with the Webhon Players, a performing group he’s been traveling with.

Theodosia (Thea) Fairfax – A rosanin with the ability to sense people’s intentions. Was hired by Leandros to be his bodyguard.

Trinity Jones – A diplomat on the team, trained in performing negotiations.

Wilhara – The Oracle’s handmaiden and close confidante.


Alfheim – A province located in the southwest corner of Calaidia ruled by King Amos Nochdvor. Its capital city is also called Alfheim.

Illyon – An industrial city on the Alfheim border.

Orean – An independent city-state neighboring Illyon. One of the few nations in Calaidia that doesn’t fall under Unity’s banner.

Gallontea – Unity’s capital city. It’s located on the eastern coast of Calaidia, separated from Unity Island by a single bridge.

Lyryma – A massive forest located directly south of Gallontea. The oanai and fae call this forest home, along with many other fantastical creatures.