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Roman Hallisey hates Egil stories. They’re tacky fiction, overly-romanticized nonsense made to idolize a hero that doesn’t exist. The real Egil doesn’t deserve the praise. The real Egil is trouble – Roman should know. He’s spent his whole life fixing Egil’s mistakes. And Egil’s biggest mistake? Not stripping the corrupt government Unity of its power when he had the chance.

So when rumors of magic circulate in the south and Unity gathers a team to investigate, Roman makes sure he’s on it. The team is made up of unlikely elites: a spy with a grudge, a kindhearted diplomat, a team captain with high stakes in the mission, and Roman, a charming wanderer with a past shrouded in mystery. It’s a motley crew held together by the knowledge that if they fail, it could mean war.

But on the mission, they learn there’s more at play than magic rumors and questionable governments: divine forces play puppeteers and long-dead monsters roam the earth, both of which can only be stopped with Egil’s help. But when Egil loses control of his magic, magic that’s been trapped inside him for centuries, rotting him from the inside out, it becomes a war on two fronts. And if Egil’s not stopped, he could destroy the world as they know it.

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Art by cyanide-chicken (tumblr)

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