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New chapters are posted every Wednesday, with occasional interlude chapters being published on Saturdays.

[Roman and Leandros, art by cyanide-chicken on tumblr]


Roman Hallisey has heard every Egil story there is. They’re glamorous, thrilling, and most of all, completely untrue. The real Egil is nothing like the stories. The real Egil is a monster – Roman knows this better than anyone.

The stories do get one thing right: Egil hates Unity, the world’s government, and will do whatever he can to get in their way. So when a southern king is kidnapped and Unity makes plans to rescue him, Roman makes sure to get involved.

Unity puts together a team of unlikely elites— a scholar with a fascination for Egil, an assassin with unwavering loyalty to Unity, an alfar royal who will stop at nothing to get his uncle back, and Roman, a charming wanderer with too many mysteries to be told. It’s a motley crew made up of spare parts and rough edges, their connections to Egil the only thing holding them together.

But they learn, on their mission, that there are monsters far worse than Egil out there, lying in wait. The team joins with Egil to defeat them, but when Egil loses control of his magic—magic that’s been trapped in his soul, slowly rotting him from the inside out—it becomes a battle on two fronts, one that changes the world as they know it.

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